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    Project category: Conference room

    Furniture: CH24 Wishbone Chair (smoked oak/oil/natural papercord), CH339 table with solid wood extension leaves (smoked oak/oil) by Hans J. Wegner

    Location: Indiakaj 16, 2100 Copenhagen

    Architect: Erik Møller Architects


    The first head office of EAC – Asia House, in Frihavnen – was completed in 1898. This was the same year that EAC's first ships set sail from the wharf, loaded with goods – just a few meters from the building – headed for Bangkok. The building has a stately outward appearance, with window settings and foundations made of Swedish Ekeberg marble. The interior features finely carved dark wood panels, ceilings and columns. The building is now home to the EAC Foundation, and the basement is used as a cafeteria and meeting area. 


    The basement was completely flooded in 2011 following extreme rainfall, requiring extensive renovation and new furnishings. This was carried out by Erik Møller Arkitekter. The result is a modern and versatile new area in the building with a cafeteria, including kitchen and buffet, and a meeting room. The vaulted ceilings were exposed in both rooms, and the floors and furnishings were replaced. The new cafeteria is dedicated to MS Selandia, the world's first oceangoing diesel powered vessel, which is depicted in several models and pictures in the room.

    The architects wanted to link the lower floor with the rest of the building, which is dominated by dark wood varieties. The owner and architect therefore chose CH339 dining and meeting tables and the Wishbone Chair in smoked oak, which has a color and material in line with the building's other furnishings. There are several terrazzo floors with borders in the building. As a reference to these, brown tiles have been laid in the basement in herringbone patterns, framed with borders and arranged in relation to the room's columns. The furniture and tile hues harmonize beautifully and add to the room's new dignity.



    "The Wishbone Chairs and tables from Carl Hansen & Søn in two of our most celebrated meeting rooms, named after the renowned Selandia, and Nakskov, the hometown of EAC founder H.N. Andersen, make a major contribution to the amazing setting Asia House offers. The chairs and tables compliment the famous EAC spirit in the building, which is owned by the EAC foundation.

    The flexible solution we worked out together with Carl Hansen & Søn is also highly practical. I often hear the comment from our many visitors: Wegner's chairs are just so comfortable..."

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    Photographer: Anders Sune Berg