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    Project category: Headquarters

    Furniture: CH88T oak, white oil finish, stainless steel frame. CH388 oak, white oil finish, stainless frame. CH103, stainless steel frame, Thor301. CH108, stainless steel frame, glass. All by Hans J. Wegner

    Location: 2-46-1, Nishi-Naruse, Machida City, 194-8666, Tokyo, Japan

    Architect: Waseda University Akasaka Yoshiaki Laboratory. Construction and Workplace: Takenaka Corporation


    When you step into the head office’s large reception area, you are met by the essence of minimalism. The rectangular room is filled with natural light, and divided into three sections. The middle section has a lowered ceiling. From this part of the room, an elegant white spiral staircase rises to the first floor of the building.

    The reception has maple parquet flooring throughout, all the ceilings are painted white, and the longitudinal walls have a raw concrete surface with visible board marks from the formwork. The pale hues and structure have been carefully combined as the perfect backdrop for the furniture and art in the room—chosen by Akasaka Yoshiaki — which attracts all the attention.

    Hans J. Wegner’s three-seater black full grain leather sofa with a stainless steel frame and the matching coffee table have been placed on a shimmering blue and gray rug designed by Akasaka Yoshiaki and made by artist and professor at Tama Art University, Tadashi Takahashi. The oil painting above the sofa, by Susumu Endo, uses the same color palette as the rug and furniture and beautifully completes the whole.


    ’’We have used various themes in the interior of the headquarters of Audio Thechnica and one of them was ‘Scandinavia’. Furniture created by Wegner is an obvious choice, as it is not too decorative and indeed very well designed. In the lounge area on the first floor the combination of CH88 and CH338 work very well. Among the many advantages of round tables is that the lack of corners make them easy to place.’’

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    Photographers: Audio-Technica, Kenta Hasegawa (Interior) and Taisuke Ogawa (Exterior)


    Since it was founded in 1962 in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, AudioTechnica has grown into a global company specializing in high-performance products such as microphones, headphones, wireless systems, mixers and electronic products for home and professional use. Akasaka Yoshiaki Laboratory — the architect responsible for the company’s headquarters in Machida-city in Tokyo, and for the interior furnishings—designed the 6,300 m2 building as a precise white shape, the exterior slopes of which reflect the surrounding mountains. One of the outer walls is set back at the ground floor, and balconies span the entire width of the building, adding to the overall impression of lightness.