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    Project category: Restaurant

    Furniture: CH88

    Location: Neumarkt 6, 47798 Krefeld, Germany



    About 25 km north west of Düsseldorf, in the small town of Krefeld, lies the Burge®s restaurant. Its home-made burgers and other dishes made from quality ingredients, reasonable prices and discerning interior design have made it highly popular during its first year of operation.

    Burge®s has a striking location in a pale yellow three-story building in classic style. The building entrance faces the small Neumarkt square, where patrons can enjoy their burgers, weather permitting. The plan is for Burge®s to become a new chain, and restaurant number two is already on the drawing board.


    When you walk in through the restaurant's large glass doors, facing the square, you immediately feel very comfortable. Burge®s is bright and airy and the furnishings are simple and friendly. The restaurant has 160 square meters of space on two floors. The walls are painted white. The floor downstairs has a durable gray rubber covering, while the first story has a pale wooden floor. The seating areas on both floors are subdivided by solid oak benches, matching the solid oak custom-made rectangular tables. The open ground floor kitchen is set apart by a lowered ceiling and features a large black sign presenting the day's menu. The wall into the closed section of the kitchen is covered with matt black tiles.

    Orange – the color used in the Burge®s logo – is the only bright color among the restaurant's furnishings. With its natural materials and functional and elegant design, CH88 is an obvious choice as the primary restaurant chair. The CH88 chairs have been painted either orange or black, as have the metal shades of the light fixtures hanging above the tables.


    "I like the look of the chair, it is very formal and classy, without looking boring. The „horns“ on both sides of the backrest are a nice detail, underlining our use of high quality cows. The orange/reddish color of the chairs is very close to an important color in our CI."

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    Photographer: Julia Reschucha