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    Project category: Restaurant

    Furniture: CH24, smoked oak, oil, natural paper cord. CH33P, smoked oak, oil, leather seat. CH88P, black lacquered steel frame, oil, smoked oak backrest, leather seat. CH58 oak black lacquered frame, leather seat. All by Hans J. Wegner.

    Location: Piazza Virgilio 3, angolo Via Boccaccio, Milan, Italy

    Architect: Giuseppe Tortato


    Cenerè – one of the newest and most refined gourmet restaurants in the historic city center of Milan – is housed in a building featuring tall, arched windows and an ornate sandstone facade. An informal pizzeria takes up 19 out of a total of 235 square meters, while the restaurant – divided into two interconnected sections – covers 163 square meters. Both sections are predominantly furnished with fixed seating and two-person tables in various groupings. Cenerè attracts a large clientele, due both to its elegant design and its cuisine. The menu, composed by two talented young chefs – Daniele Tursi and Giuseppe Davide La Grotteria – changes weekly with the rhythm of the seasons. Taking a holistic approach, the designers have created a sophisticated atmosphere dominated by natural materials and elements to reflect the sensory experience of eating.


    Stepping through the door, you are immediately struck by the delicate blend of brown and grey hues and the stringent simplicity of the restaurant interior. A unifying element throughout is oak parquet flooring in vibrant and warm hues, and in varying patterns designed by arch. Giuseppe Tortato. Grey plaster walls are combined with a suspended ceiling, also grey. The fixed seating is upholstered in brown suede, while tables with metal bases feature ceramic tops produced by Laminam. For the stringent interior design, Giuseppe Tortato chose different chairs from Carl Hansen & Søn, the Wishbone Chair, CH33 and CH88 for a subtly and elegantly varied look. Smoked oak is a recurring material for the chairs. In addition to the colors and furniture, the fine atmosphere is very much down to the lighting designed by Tortato. Clusters of organically shaped gold leaves, produced by Catellani & Smith, and each with a small up-facing LED light source, are suspended at varying heights. The light makes the gold leaves flow, and the effect is magical. On the walls are hung silver prints created by Daniela Lorenzi from A14.


     “The space, elegant and informal at the same time, finds its synthesis in the artisanal care with which it was created: the same care and authenticity can also be found in the products made by Carl Hansen & Søn, which integrated perfectly into the overall design.”

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    Interiors and project development: Mabho

    Photographer: Marco Varoli