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    Project category: Airport, Lounge

    Furniture: Concourse C: CH402-2 seats, CH403-3 seats, CH404-4 seats, (Steel Cut Trio) by Hans J. Wegner, TK8 Daybed (Loke 7150 black leather) by Thomas Kastholm. Novia Lounge: Wing Chair CH445 (Hallingdal 130), CH07 Shell Chair (oak/black lacquer/Loke 7150 black leather). All by Hans J. Wegner. The Copenhagen administration building at Lufthavnsboulevarden, reception: CH403, CH402, the Airport Chair, CH106 lounge table. All by Hans J. Wegner

    Location: Kastrup, Denmark

    Architect: Inger Quorning, Arkitect maa, Construction Projects, Københavns Lufthavne. Building architects: Schmith Hammer Lassen


    With more than 24 million passengers per year, Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup is the largest airport in Scandinavia. The airport is more than just an efficient traffic hub, it is also Denmark’s window to the world. For this reason, Copenhagen Airports A/S wants to display the very best Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia has to offer in the fields of architecture, design and fine art. Since the completion of the first airport in Kastrup in 1939, designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen, Copenhagen Airport has used the best architects for the numerous building extensions and the best designers for its furniture.


    From terminals I, II, III in Copenhagen Airport, four concourses, A, B, C & D, lead passengers to their flights. The concourses and gate lounges have a beautiful minimalistic layout. The gate lounges have large window sections with a free view of the many aircraft arriving and departing. To make it easier for passengers to find their way around the airport, the gate lounges in the four concourses have been furnished with individual gate chairs, giving each of them its own design image. In the 1960s, the Airport Chair designed by Hans J. Wegner was chosen for Copenhagen Airport. The chair has been supplied ever since, and for many years CH402, CH403 and CH404 have been the signature chairs for concourse C, which is mainly used for overseas flights.

    Daybed, the couch designed by Thomas Kastholm, has also been chosen as signature furniture for concourse C.

    One of the Copenhagen Airport lounges, the Novia lounge, has a section called the Novia apartment, which is designed as a classic Copenhagen apartment with hall, kitchen/family room, drawing room, library, and a dining room with a fireplace. CH07 and CH445 are part of the furniture.


    "Wegner's very elegant Airport Chair functions as well today as when the first ones were delivered to the airport in Copenhagen in the 60s. The use of the lounges is of course very intensive, but due to the very high quality of the chairs, they are still in use more than forty years later. We have even been able to use the original chairs with new upholstery when we wanted to renew the color schemes in the various lounges.

    In concourse C our passengers often need to relax while waiting for a departure. We have chosen the elegant Daybed couch, which has a horizontal look in harmony with concourse C's architecture, with its large glass sections. It also matches Wegner's chair beautifully. In addition, Daybed is a very practical and democratic piece of furniture. It easily seats many people together, even when they are strangers."

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