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    Project category: Restaurant & lounge

    Furniture: CH24 Wishbone Chair (beech/soap/natural papercord), CH24 Wishbone Chair (smoked oak/natural papercord), CH44 (walnut/oil/natural papercord), CH46 (walnut/oil/natural papercord) by Hans J. Wegner and OW149 Colonial Chair (walnut/oil) by Ole Wanscher

    Location: Jagtvej 203, 2100 Copenhagen

    Architect: Interior Architect Tinne Ottosen


    Following extensive renovation, Fælledgården care center in Østerbro, Copenhagen has been brought up to date with the latest standards in all areas. Fælledgården was built in the 1970s, and its facilities and residences had aged and were no longer in keeping with modern expectations. During the renovation, completed in 2013, the number of residences was reduced by about 60 to 193 significantly larger, modern residences. The residences span five floors and 15 departments, with associated service facilities, personnel and common areas.

    The center's two not-quite-parallel shale-clad blocks have been connected by a middle building. The renovated care center now also features a lovely fertile garden with lots of seating nooks. The garden faces onto Jagtvej, so it can also be enjoyed by passers-by.


    The primary goal of the owner, architects and interior designers was for the center's layout and furnishings to reflect the highly diverse backgrounds, ethnicity, skills, religions, life stories and interests of the people it houses. The aim was that it should express the individuality and fellowship you find in a healthy, caring community.  


    "Fælledgården has 17,000 square meters of floor space and 193 residences, making it Denmark's largest nursing home. It was therefore important that the interior design did not end up being monotonous. The goal was to make exploring the building a journey of discovery. The variety also has the advantage of making it easier for residents to find their way around," explains Interior Architecht Tinne Ottosen.

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    Photographer: Mikkel Adsbøl