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    Project category: Restaurant

    Furniture: CH20 Elbow Chair oak/lacquer/Loke 7150 by Hans J. Wegner

    Location: Hovedvejen 41, 2600 Glostrup, Denmark

    Architect: Design Solutions


    Glostrup Park Hotel is located on a busy national road to the west of Copenhagen. It is only when you step into the reception area that you notice that on the other side of the building lies a beautiful park – Byparken – which, with its extensive stretches of grassy meadow and centuries-old trees, adds to the appeal of the hotel as a venue for conferences and meetings.

    Glostrup Park Hotel was originally established in 1967, but has been extended several times over the years. Most recently, Dissing & Weitling were commissioned as the architects for an extension that was officially opened in 2015 and contains a large new restaurant and 14 conference rooms. Thanks to an assured architectural and landscape approach, the extension has made the very most of its location. The interior design – created by Design Solutions – provides an exquisite complement to the architecture.


    The desire to incorporate nature into the large (400 m2) restaurant has been achieved in full. The extensive glass sections to the south and east provide guests at all tables with a magnificent view out over the green park. What is more, natural materials have been used in all areas of the restaurant itself: the flooring is made of quartz slate, the ceiling is panelled with pine wood, and the 30-meter-long rear wall is clad in the hand-brushed brick, Kolumba, from Petersen Tegl. Design Solutions has designed the simple tables with matt black tabletops, and guests sit on CH20 chairs, made of oak and upholstered in leather. The Burgundy sofas fixed in the niches along the walls are also the work of Design Solutions – as are the light, mobile screen walls. The large, dome-shaped lamps made from golden metal wire are Fil de Fer from Catellani & Smith.


    “Glostrup Park Hotel makes extremely high demands on both architecture and furnishing. So it was taken as read that the chair model chosen for the new restaurant had to be of the highest quality – ideally combined with a truly classic design. It was also obvious that the chair had to be made of light material, as an interesting contrast to the dark walls and floor of the restaurant. We eventually chose oak, which neatly matches the other light-colored woods used in the building.

    CH20 provides unparalleled sitting comfort – you can sit comfortably in it for hours. In addition, the back is perfect for hanging a jacket, the chair is easy to clean, and it becomes increasingly attractive with use. Finally, it is remarkably practical as it can be stacked in fours.”

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    Photographer: Anders Sune Berg