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    Project category: Showroom

    Furniture: CH24 Wishbone chair in oak, soap finish with natural paper cord. CH33 in oak, soap finish and leather seat. CH88 in black lacquer. CH25 in black lacquered oak. All by Hans J. Wegner.

    Location: Via Madonna di Loreto, 6/B, 31020 Corbanese di Tarzo TV, Italy

    Architect: mzc+


    When founded in 1989, Irinox was a pioneer in the area of blast chillers and electrical enclosures for the professional sector. 27 years later, Irinox continues to be a market leader and supplies cooling systems and a number of related kitchen products to leading chefs and restaurants around the world. Irinox has showrooms in Italy in the cities of Corbanese in Treviso and Scomigo in Veneto. The company's US branch is located in Doral, Florida. The 300 square meter showroom in Corbanese is situated in a modern two-story building in Via Madonna di Loreto.


    Keeping food fresh is the essence of what Irinox does. The showroom interior design attempts to reflect this through its expression of simplicity, unpretentiousness and quality. Upon entering reception, the 3 x 6 meter light green tapestry – made of untreated pine – behind the counter immediately catches your attention. The green plants on the wall and the floor covering on the stairs provide other fresh green hues. The first floor is divided into two sections on each side of the staircase. The large lounge area is intended for informal meetings, which can take place around the two solid oak long tables seated on black lacquered CH88 chairs. The other section is laid out as a professional kitchen, where customers can see demonstrations of the products and enjoy the food made in the kitchen.

    Fine dining takes place seated around yet another solid oak long table, seated on Wishbone and CH33 chairs made of soap treated oak. The two chairs are equally comfortable and the mix adds to the informal atmosphere.


    "We chose CHS furniture because the design fits in well in the showroom with the aim that we have: To create an experience for the client in food as well as in the design world. With its exceptional elegant and functional lines, CHS furniture goes very well with the simple and pure lines of our products"

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    Photographers: Daniele Lodice (night photos) Giovanni Smali (interior photos)