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    Project category: Automobile Showroom

    Furniture: CH07 oak, oil, leather. CH88P oak, oil, black powder-coated steel, leather. CH88T smoked oak, oil, black powder-coated steel. CH56 oak, oil, leather. CH415 oak, oil, stainless steel. CH008 oak, oil. CH24 oak, oil, natural paper cord. PK52 oak, oil, black steel. OW149 walnut, oil, leather. OW449 walnut, oil.

    Location: 2-1220-1, Matsunami, Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan

    Architect: 51% Gowariichibu


    For many years, We cannot touch people’s hearts without beauty has summed up the essence of the Mazda design philosophy for both its cars and interiors. The approach has resulted in high interior design standards at Mazda dealers worldwide, of which 299 can be found in Japan. In 2016, the Mazda showroom and offices in Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture were extensively refurbished. The dealership is housed in an early 1970s building which, with its simple architecture and look, is a typical example of modernism. Accordingly, the facades were only lightly restored. Clad in ceramic tiles and aluminum, the exterior of the building now harmonizes beautifully with the new interior.


    By using natural materials such as wood and brick on the floors, a gray-blue wall color and high-quality wood and leather furniture, the architects Gowariichibu have successfully created an atmosphere evocative of a private home – which is an impressive achievement in a car showroom.

    The ground floor houses a service department, various lounges and a showroom. One lounge area is clearly demarcated by virtue of its vintage brick flooring and the Colonial Chairs and accompanying walnut coffee tables. At the multi-space in the building where the Garage is, the colors are lighter, with white walls and pale wood floors. Meetings are held here at the oiled oak tables with black-painted steel legs, originally designed by Poul Kjærholm and launched by Carl Hansen & Son in 2017. Here, you sit in CH88P chairs with theiroil treated oak top rails and black powder-coated steel legs. Wegner’s sculptural shell chair is intended for more relaxed meetings or breaks.

    The beautiful furniture is complemented by the successful lighting. Downlights and pendants have been placed to create focus on the vehicles and furniture in the showroom. When darkness falls, all the areas that are used for customer interaction stand out as islands of light, enriching the overall ambiance.


    ’’The primary role played by a car dealer’s showroom must first and foremost be defined by the presence of cars. In this sense as well, Carl Hansen & Son’s products are never ostentatious but remain items that beautifully, intellectually, and modestly adorn the entirety of the space in which they exist. We chose Wegner and Wanscher chairs in part because we were of course drawn to their superior design. If we were to be a little more introspective, however, you could say that we wanted to have the clients sit in their historical legacy. In going beyond this particular project, we chose to produce space in such a way that we feel that we are taking the liberty of collaborating with their influence. Thus, we are paying homage to their memory as a sort of requiem to what they represented.’’

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    Photographer: Architectural Company 51% Gowariichibu