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    Project category: Retail

    Furniture: Limited edition collection of some of Hans J. Wegner's most iconic works interpreted by Paul Smith

    Location: Copenhagen, Milan, London, Paris, Dubai, New York, L.A., Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne

    Architect: Paul Smith x Maharam x Carl Hansen & Søn


    In celebration of the centenary of Hans J. Wegner’s birth, Carl Hansen & Søn invited world-renowned British designer, Paul Smith, and one of the leading textile companies in the world, Maharam, to collaborate on a limited edition collection of some of Wegner's most iconic works. Grounded in passionate craftsmanship, the collaboration honors Wegner’s enduring legacy.

    For the unique project, Paul Smith selected his favorite Hans J. Wegner pieces to launch the exclusive collection that adds a vibrant new dimension to the classics. The pieces chosen by Paul Smith were the CH445, CH07, CH28 chairs and the CH162 and CH163 sofas. Each piece of furniture has been upholstered with the Paul Smith fabric. CH24 is part of the collection as well, and the cushion for this chair is also covered in the new fabric.The fabrics used are the ‘Big Stripe’ and ‘Stripes’, designed by Paul Smith in collaboration with Maharam. Both patterns are woven of worsted wool, and they reflect two different approaches to rhythm, proportion, scale, and density.

    The collection was presented for the first time at Salone del Mobile in Milan April 2014. During the fair the collection was also exhibited at the Carl Hansen & Søn booth in the exhibition area and at Carl Hansen & Søn’s city center showroom in Brera.

  • In 2014, the Carl Hansen & Søn and Paul Smith collection went on two tours, one in Europe and one overseas. Following the exhibition in April at Salone del Mobile in Milan, the Europe collection went to Copenhagen in June, to Paris in August, to London in September and Dubai in October. The overseas tour began in the CHS New York showroom in Hudson Street in June. In July it was in Los Angeles, in August it went to Melbourne and Sydney, and it ended in the CHS flagship store in Tokyo in October.

    According to Paul Smith, the idea of collaboration was initiated when the CH07 chair at one point was covered in ’Big stripe’ in the Maharam showroom in New York. The looks inspired Carl Hansen & Søn to suggest a formal cooperation.

    Paul Smith comments on CHS’ proposal:
    "When I was asked to work with the Wegner furniture of the Carl Hansen & Søn range, it took me two seconds to say ‘yes, absolutely!’ Hans J. Wegner is one of my favorite designers of all time, so to be asked to customize his furniture with our fabric was fantastic. I feel very privileged to be doing it. The shell chair is my favorite because of the simplicity of the lines and because it is very comfortable. Many modern chairs look very good or interesting, but they are not very comfortable. This chair possesses both qualities. All architects and product designers have respect for that chair. I call it the designer’s designer chair."


    "When you choose the ‘Stripes’ fabric, the chairs have an equal look. ‘Big Stripe’, however, is very different because the stripes are very wide. This has enabled us to give the same chair four different looks according to how the pattern is placed on the chair. Consequently, you can get four chairs and place them in a hotel foyer, in an office or in a home. They will appear with different dynamic looks and colors but at the same time they are related and there is harmony between them."

    "I think our fabric gives the CHS furniture a new dimension, because of its various and optimistic colors. The fabrics are named ‘holiday colors’ which are quite lively and strong – pinks, blues and yellows, whereas the ‘city colors’ are more muted. The colors – and the various stripes – can work in different environments, depending on your personal taste."

    "Hans Wegner is one of my favorite designers of all time; he is a real designer’s designer. Everybody who knows I’ve been involved in this project has been so much in awe of Hans Wegner’s work, so to be asked to do something to these real iconic pieces is a real privilege."