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    Project category: Restaurant

    Furniture: CH20 Elbow chair oak/soap/Thor 301 (black leather) and CH20 Elbow chair oak/black painted/Thor 301(black leather) by Hans J. Wegner

    Location: Tokyo, Minato, Toranomon, 1 Chome−23 虎ノ門ヒルズ

    Architect: Daikei Mills, Mr Nakamura


    The Tokyo suburb of Toranomon, which means Tiger's Gate, is home to many company head offices and an increasing number of restaurants, including the already highly regarded Pirouette, which opened in September 2014.  Pirouette serves modern French cuisine and combines a bistro, cafe and epicerie (delicatessen) – which sells ingredients and specialties served in the restaurant as well as Pirouette tableware and cutlery.


    Pirouette was created based on the desire to combine a cafe, restaurant and epicerie, offering an experience of variety and cohesion at the same time. A sense of unity and transparency has been achieved by creating an open room, approx. 300 square meters in size, held together with the aid of a large white painted steel structure on columns, which runs through all three sections of the venue. A large open kitchen occupies center stage in the high-ceilinged room. The restaurant, cafe and epicerie are arranged around the kitchen, which has a bar counter running around the edge, from which food is also served. Diners can freely choose to sit anywhere around the edge – like a spinning top – hence the name Pirouette.

    The interior is simple and raw, and all ceiling installations are exposed. There are no adornments. The materials used in the room – marble, steel, wood, concrete and copper – provide Pirouette's decoration. Gray tiles in various shades matching the venue's color palette cover some of the walls, and also form a massive frame on the ceiling which follows the outer contours of the kitchen. Wood adds warmth to the cool interior. The floor is lined with attractive oak boards and the CH20 chairs arranged around the mat black painted tables are also made of oak. The roles are swapped at the bar, where the counter is pure oak and the chairs are painted black. Both CH20 versions have black leather seats. 



    "I would like people to have a sophisticated but casual feeling when visiting the Pirouette. The stay, just like the meal, should be a first class but relaxed experience. In order to bring these two sentiments to the space, Pirouette is designed to be very simple and without much decor. The materials are raw and natural.The reason we chose CHS furniture is closely connected to our selection of materials. In my mind, Carl Hansen & Søn design is not only modern, sophisticated and high-end. It is also natural and cozy."

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    Photography: Hiroshi Ito@Contrail Co.,Ltd.