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    Project category: Residences

    Furniture: CH24 Wishbone chair walnut/oil/natural paper cord and seat cushion (Loke 7150, black leather), CH163 sofa oak/white oil/Sunniva 975 and CH468 Oculus chair Sif 90 (natural leather) by Hans J. Wegner

    Location: Location: Morioka city, Iwate, Japan

    Architect: Mr. Ochi, Club 8 studio


    From Tokyo it takes 2½ hours on the Shinkansen to reach Morioka City – set among mountains and rivers with beautiful natural scenery in the northern prefecture of Iwate. Biken architect office was commissioned to renovate a house here, built in 1940. The house was built and designed based on the finest Japanese traditions in terms of structure and materials, which the owner wished to preserve. The owner has meticulously chosen furniture which is in beautiful harmony with the atmosphere of the original house. In line with Japanese tradition, the furniture is therefore made of wood – but many of the pieces have Danish origin.

    The house is surrounded by a dense luscious garden, and only gradually comes into view as you walk up the granite-paved garden path. In line with Japanese tradition, only organic materials have been used in the house, and the bearing structure and exterior walls are made of wood. As you enter the house, your eye is met by wood everywhere – in columns, on the ceiling, open to the roof ridge, on the walls, which are wooden frames filled with slats or paper, and on the floor. 



    Privacy is prized in Japan, and the traditional paper screens, called shoji, allow light to enter the homes without letting people see in. Filtering through paper creates a diffuse light, as in this home. There was a time when tatami mats were the only common floor covering used in Japan. Today, many people are content to have only one or two of the beautiful mats, which are made of rice straw and measure 88 x 176 cm. "Japan and Denmark are two of the countries which have reached the deepest understanding of wood. The way wood is used in these two countries has so much in common," said Wegner, whose furniture has been very well received in Japan over the years. The clear and logical approach behind Wegner's furniture design is also central to the Japanese perception of good furnishings. In the Morioka home, family members sit at the walnut dining table in Wishbone chairs, also made of walnut. At the opposite end of the living area, they can relax in Wegner's fabric-upholstered three-seater sofa, or the sculptural CH468 armchair, covered in light tan leather. Like Wegner's other upholstered furniture, both are based on a Danish beech frame. There is no plastic or fiberglass, or other artificial products, in the chairs. The colors in the classic Japanese home are subdued, as the natural materials – stand in their original colors. The same is true in this house, where the color palette includes a number of brown, golden and gray hues – with a simple small burgundy rug as the only exception.



    "In an original house like this, it was very important to keep the overall balance. The furniture from Carl Hansen & Søn has history and tradition. At the same time it has lightness and it is modern.  All these qualities make the furniture timeless."

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    Interior coordination: Club 8 studio Morioka