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    Project category: RESTAURANT

    Furniture: CH20 Elbow chair oak/white oil/Loke 7130 (leather)

    Location: Arenas Lingan 7, 12126 Stockholm, Sweden

    Architect: Haptic Architect v/Butenchøn.


    The Scandinavian Quality Hotels, which are part of Nordic Choice Hotels, have embarked on a major renovation and modernization of the 55 hotels in the Quality chain. The new interior design includes a new restaurant concept called BrasserieX, which is currently planned for 14 of the hotels. The aim is to create a relaxed and atmospheric setting, where people feel equally at home as part of a group, or alone – which is the situation for many business travelers. The pleasant atmosphere is being achieved in part through interesting interiors, with quality functional furniture supplied by Carl Hansen & Søn for the 14 restaurants. In terms of cuisine, the goal is to combine the French brasserie tradition with high quality Scandinavian ingredients. As the first renovated hotel in the series, Quality Hotel Globe, Stockholm, re-opened in 2014, welcoming people to come and experience the new BrasserieX. 

  • The beautiful combination of material and textile colors, extensive use of wood and elegant lighting, immediately establish a comfortable atmosphere. The ceiling in BrasserieX is painted black, with built-in LED spots as the primary light source. The lighting is therefore subdued and pleasant. An open ash bookcase running the length of the room, serves as a room divider and creates space in the room. Decorative elements, such as books, ceramics and glass items, displayed in the bookcase add a personal touch.

    Long, fixed upholstered benches back onto the bookcase. Small quadratic ash tables with a Silestone composite surface have been used, and patrons sit in CH20 chairs with blue leather seats. Diners who come alone typically eat at the long high table running lengthwise in the room, seated on bar chairs with red or gray upholstery.


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    Concept Manager at Nordic Choice Hotels: Kristian Vik