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    Project category: Restaurant

    Furniture: CH88 Chair oak/laquer/stainless steel/Thor 359, CH88 Chair beech/S3502-Y/stainless steel//Thor 398. By Hans J. Wegner

    Location: Karlavägen 100, 11526 Stockholm, Sweden

    Architect: Øjvind Nystad, Reactor, Oslo.


    An exciting new restaurant opened in Stockholm in the summer of 2014, designed by Sweden's most dynamic and creative restaurateur, Ricard Constantinou, who received the 'Restaurant innovator of the year' award in 2013.

    K-Märkt is located in Östermalm, in the large Garnisonen complex, built in several stages during the early 70s. K-Märkt is situated in a modernistic building typical of the era, designed by architect Tage Hertzell. The 350-meter long building – Sweden's longest – is heritage listed, from which the name 'K-Märkt' derives.

    The venue is enthusiastically run by Johan Gottberg (chef), Jens Dolk (wine waiter) and Daniel Roos (confectioner), and can seat 1,000 guests. A greenhouse planned for the building's roof will supply organic vegetables for the restaurant in the longer term.




    The 1800-square-meter restaurant features simple, bold furnishings and high-quality design. Glass walls from floor to ceiling offer an abundance of natural lighting and beautiful panoramic views of the charming district. The floor is covered with tiles in brown hues and the ceiling is supported by a large burgundy steel structure on quadratic steel columns. The chefs work in full view behind a long blue counter along one side of the room.

    Light is provided by small metal pendants suspended high above the tables, so that these can be arranged with complete flexibility. K-Märkt is predominantly furnished with round eight-man tables, with ample space between. The chairs are CH88, with oak backrests and black leather upholstered seats. A first-floor room is used for more private events. This features a gray color scheme, with concrete walls, a gray linoleum floor and CH88 chairs with gray painted backrests.



    "At first I practically didn’t like it. Odd, angular, almost ugly standing alone. But in the right context it’s a masterpiece. It’s still growing on me. I love it now…

    The chair is ideal for our purpose. It’s very stable and can handle a lot. I look forward to growing old with it. Imagine all our CH88s in 40 years from now…"       

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    Photographer: Ulf Celander