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    Project category: Restaurant

    Furniture: CH20 Elbow Chair (ash/soap/light brown leather seat) by Hans J. Wegner

    Location: Schweiggaards gate 15, 0191 Oslo, Norway

    Architect: Interior Designer Jon-Frede Engdahl


    Maaemo is run by three passionate individuals – Esben Holmboe Bang (Danish), Pontus Dahlström (Finnish) and Jon-Frede Engdahl (Norwegian) – who opened the innovative restaurant in December 2010 following a period of intense development. Maaemo – which means 'mother earth' in Finnish –  was awarded two Michelin stars a few months after opening, and earned 79th place on the list of the world's best restaurants in 2014. Maaemo follows a deeply personal and Norwegian approach, based on the exclusive use of local, organic, biodynamic produce. 


    Maaemo is located on the fourth floor of a modern building with glass facades, with a view of Oslo's new Barcode business district. The restaurant has eight round tables and can seat 24 diners, with views of the open mezzanine kitchen. The room is extremely simple, with subdued colors. The dining tables are covered with white tablecloths. The glasses and cutlery have a minimalistic design. The plates and serving dishes were made by Norwegian ceramic artists, and wood and stone vessels are also used to serve the food. Maaemo presents changing exhibitions by young photographers and other artists, who have a standing invitation to send their art for evaluation by Curator Jimmy Linus.


    "We considered using the Wishbone Chair, which appealed greatly to us, but after trying out the CH20 we were left in no doubt. It has a classic expression. It is extremely comfortable to sit in. The backrest offers perfect support while also allowing you to move and comfortably turn to the sides. The chair is also made of high quality materials and embodies quality craftsmanship. It has a texture which is in beautiful harmony with our core values. We chose the chair in soap treated ash with a light brown leather seat, which has a beautiful natural and pure finish. The soap treatment requires frequent light cleaning, but the time investment is well worth it."

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    Photographer: Jon-Frede Engdahl