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    Project category: Restaurant

    Furniture: CH46 Chair (smoked oak/oil/natural papercord) by Hans J. Wegner

    Location: Strandgade 93, 1401 Copenhagen

    Architect: Space Copenhagen


    Since it opened in 2003, Noma (a concatenation of 'Nordic' and the Danish word for food – 'mad') has achieved legendary status around the world. Noma is run by René Redzepi. He and Claus Meyer, the restaurant's other founder, jointly developed Noma's original and very personal style, based on the exclusive use of Nordic ingredients. Noma has had two stars in the Michelin Guide since 2007, and has been named best restaurant in the world by Restaurant magazine four times (most recently in 2014). 

    The intention was for the smaller dining room (with a beautiful view over the Port of Copenhagen) to be clearly related to the main restaurant, but with a more playful ambiance. The aim is for guests in this room to feel 'even closer and more at home at Noma'. The 5 x 12m room was ideally suited to a long table with an organic shape, made by Copenhagen Joinery.


    Noma's interior was created by Space Copenhagen in cooperation with the owners in 2003. The aim was to reflect the venue's interpretation of the essence of Scandinavia. Scandinavian interiors generally feature light hues, but Noma chose a darker palette to maintain focus on the food, unhindered by 'noise'. All the furniture has been created by Scandinavian designers and has a simple expression. There are no tablecloths on the tables, which caused a stir at the opening 11 years ago. 


    "The chair we were looking for had to be durable – to handle being moved around and used hour after hour, and to look better as a result.The visual expression was equally important. The chair had to have personality and signal quality It had to also have a good seat and armrests, because our visitors sit for many hours. We tested several chairs and found that CH46 met all our requirements.

    Being available in smoked oak was an extra bonus. We also liked the fact that this is a chair you don't see every day. We deliberately chose a different chair to what we use in the restaurant. We wanted the chair to be itself and contribute to giving the room its own identity.To sum up the process of selecting furniture, I would say that the creative element has to blend with the functionality, such that two plus two makes five. That is the essence.

    It was also natural to look for something close to our own roots. We Danes are all proud of our design achievements, and Hans J. Wegner is a natural part of this picture."

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    Photographer: Anders Sune Berg