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    Project category: Restaurant & lounge

    Furniture: CH33 Chair beech/NCS S3030-B (steel blue), CH33 Chair beech/NCS S0502-Y (white), CH33 Chair beech/NCS S3502-Y (silver gray), CH33 Chair beech/NCS S7502-B (anthracite gray), CH58 bar stool oak/black NCS S 9000-N/Thor 301 (black leather), CH58 bar stool oak/special paint NCS S3030-B (steel blue)/Thor 301 (black leather). All by Hans J. Wegner

    Location: Lindhagensgatan 104c, Stockholm, Sweden

    Architect: Øjvind Nystad, Reactor, Oslo.


    Panini Internazionale is a chain of restaurants created by visionary restaurateur Ricard Constantinou – the man behind a number of exciting eating venues. The Panini chain opened as a delicatessen in 1990, and now comprises 19 restaurants throughout Stockholm, with 4-5 new ones added every year – all located in districts with many office workplaces.

    Panini specializes in convenient lunch dishes based on very carefully selected ingredients. The restaurants also sell take-away lunch and dinner dishes. Ricard Constantinou is a design furniture connoisseur with a special passion for Hans J. Wegner, whose furniture features in all Constantinou's restaurants. The chain's visual expression, with green facade signs and gold capital lettering, and the high-quality furnishings, match its culinary quality.


    Like the other restaurants in the Panini chain, the restaurant on Lindhagengatan is designed to be appealingly open with a few, clear colours and simple, high quality furniture. The floor is Öland tiles in a soft, grey tone. One wall is grey glazed while the rest are painted blue, dark turquoise, or green  – Panini’s signature color. Food and drinks are taken from glass cases along the walls or at the counter. Guests are seated at square tables placed at the end wall of the restaurant and along the window. As in other Panini restaurants, the chairs are CH33 painted white or two shades of blue, perfectly matching the blue wall colors. White, cylindrical pendant lamps provide lighting at the tables. At the tall table by the window there are bar stools, also designed by Hans J. Wegner and also painted in special black and blue hues for Panini.


    “For the Panini chain we were seeking a timeless chair that could match the other new interior line. Pigmented ash, brass, stone from Öland and dark leather from Tärnsjö, handmade light settings from Rubn. We chose CH33 for that, and played with 2-3 different colors. The result is very nice, high quality and timeless…We use the CH58 at the bar by the window because of its looks, its durability and its stability. Overall I am very grateful to have this collaboration with Carl Hansen & Son. With their craftsmanship they deliver the finest pieces of furniture you can get.” 

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    Photographer: Ulf Celander