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  • Project category: Restaurant

    Furniture: CH88 chair (Beech/lacquered in custom color NCS S8010-R30B) by Hans J. Wegner

    Location: Christiansborg, 1240 Copenhagen

    Architect: Dorthe Andersen


    In June 2014, a new restaurant opened in an exceptional location in Copenhagen. The Tower is located in a 106 meter tall tower (Copenhagen's tallest) at Christiansborg Palace. The palace, as we know it today, is the third one in the same location, as the previous two buildings burned down. Christiansborg Palace, designed by Thorvald Jørgensen, opened in 1927, and now houses the Danish Parliament (Folketinget), the High Court and the Prime Minister's office. The Tower's proprietor, Rasmus Bo Bojesen, says the idea of the unique new dining venue is to create a restaurant "in the spirit of democracy, with room for everyone and Danish food to everyone’s taste." The Tower is open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.




    The fascinating location, which is now home to a restaurant seating 110 people, was previously used to store various furnishings from the old Christiansborg Palace. The 11 x 11 x 11 meter cubic room was quite bare when architect Dorthe Andersen was commissioned to change its function. The room walls feature the original brickwork, and the deep barrel-vaulted niches help give it its unique special character. Old plaster sculptures – including one of a woman several meters tall – also add to the atmosphere. The furnishings consist of fixed benches with cushions around the periphery of the room and a center octagon. The quadratic tables and CH88 chairs have both been lacquered in a rich plum hue. Pendants hanging from 9½-meter-long cables would not work well, so the restaurant is illuminated using opalescent egg-shaped lights placed low on the walls and on the tables, providing subdued and atmospheric lighting. The low-key lighting contributes to the desired intimacy. Architect Dorthe Andersen says of the project: "It was obvious to exploit the venue's existing architectural qualities, and equally important to preserve the splendor the room already held." 


    "I became aware of CH88 as soon as it was launched, and my immediate reaction was: 'that chair is simply exceptional!' It is very comfortable, and has an attractive, low-key design. It was ideal for this project, because we were looking for a piece of design furniture which would not dominate the room. We had tables made by the Folketing cabinetmaker, and had these and the benches lacquered in the same custom plum color. But the chairs are the icing on the cake!"

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    Photographer: Dorthe Andersen