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    Project category: Restaurant

    Furniture: CH24 Wishbone Chair (oak/oil/natural papercord), CH53 stool (oak/oil/natural papercord), CH07 Shell Chair (walnut/lacquer/leather), CH07 Shell Chair (beech/black leather), CH07 Shell Chair (beech/Japan red leather), CH008 coffee table (walnut/oil), CH25 chair (oak/oil/natural papercord), CH20 Elbow Chair (oak/oil/Hallingdal). All furniture by Hans J. Wegner

    Location: 7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, 106-0032, Japan

    Architect: Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates


    Tokyo's modern National Art Center was built in 2007, with Kisho Kurokawa as the architect. The center is characterized by its large curving glass facade. From the mid-point of this, the main entrance leads you into the large impressive hall, with a ceiling height of 21.6 meters.

    The National Art Center has 2,000 square meters of floor space, making it Japan's largest art center, with a collection focusing on 20th-century art. Salon de The Rond, the center's spectacular café, is set atop a large inverted cone structure, encircled by the gigantic hall and the building's curved glass facade.


    Salon de The Rond has a circular kitchen in the center of the cone. The cafe seats 82 diners in the outer circle surrounding the kitchen. The café, which stands open to the large hall, is stripped of all decoration and trappings, so nothing draws attention away from the dramatic architecture. It has been furnished with rectangular tables placed in a circle, and diners sit on oak Wishbone Chairs. Their organic design provides a beautiful contrast to the simple, stringent cafe interior.


    It is a common view that Danish and Japanese architecture and design perceptions have many similarities. This is evident in the way both cultures have traditionally used genuine and natural materials with a simple expression. Danish design therefore often beautifully complements Japanese interiors, and this is one of the reasons that the National Art Center wanted Danish design to feature in the Tokyo center. Furniture from CHS has been used in several places around the building, such as in the entrance, hall and library. Louis Poulsen light fixtures provide lighting in many areas throughout the building.


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