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    Project category: Headquarters, offices

    Furniture: CH24 Wishbone chair beech/oil, CH24 Wishbone chair walnut/oil, CH008 lounge table walnut/oil, CH103 sofa black leather, CH07 Shell chair walnut/cow hide, CH58 bar stool oak/oil by Hans J. Wegner. CHTA001T oak/lacquer, walnut/lacquer by Tadao Ando. OW2000 mahogany/oil by Ole Wanscher

    Location: Tainan City, Taiwan

    Architect: Mao Shen Chiang Architecture Studio


    Union Industrial Brushes Ltd is a successful manufacturer of quality industrial brushes, with a factory and headquarters in Tainan City. As part of Union Company's new image and branding strategy, the decision was made to renovate and refurbish the premises, bringing its interior and exterior more in line with the refined products it produces.

    Designer Mao Shen-Chiang is an acquaintance of the Union Company's owner going back ten years. He was commissioned to do the project, and in close cooperation with the company, the studio designed and implemented the new architectural and design expression to match the structure of the existing buildings. 


    Photographs: Lee Kuo Min


    Visitors encounter a new building element immediately upon arrival. The attractive 25 m long entry gate elegantly integrates the gatehouse, both of which are made of light, smooth concrete elements. One passes through a wooden sliding door into the beautifully proportioned forecourt, and then through a glass entrance into the building.To shield it from the environment, the top three floors of the building are clad with a layer of closely positioned 6 cm wide zinc-steel pipes. During the day these let natural light into the building, and create a beautiful effect in the evening when the electric light filters out between the pipes.  

     Many of the building's rooms are openly connected, and the wall and floor materials used throughout are concrete and wood. The interior design is clear and stylish, combining the best from the Asian and Scandinavian traditions. High quality furniture has been chosen throughout. In addition to their functional purpose these serve as sculptures in the surrounding space. The three lower floors house various offices and meeting rooms, where you will also find the armchair Tadao Ando designed for CHS in both oak and walnut, alongside Wegner's three-legged round table, made of walnut.  There is also a meeting table surrounded by red, white and beech Wishbone Chairs.   



    The top floor can be used to entertain guests, but also functions as a private apartment for the company's owner. There is a warm atmosphere due to the wood lining the walls and floor. Diners at the bar counter in the open kitchen sit on bar stools designed by Hans J. Wegner. The specially designed dining table set on concrete plinths is attended by Wishbone Chairs, also in two different versions – beech and walnut. Lounge furniture is provided by the Shell Chair, in walnut, alongside Wegner's sofa in black leather.

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