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    Project category: Private residence

    Furniture: FH 419, FH 420 in walnut and blue velour. Both by Frits Henningsen. CH23 mix oak/walnut, CH33 mix oak/smoked oak, CH008 oak, smoked by the home’s resident. All by Hans J. Wegner. OW 150 daybed in oak, smoked by the home’s resident, by Ole Wanscher

    Location: North Zealand, Denmark

    Architect: Interior design by the home owners


    After four years of searching, the couple finally found the right location to build the family home they wanted for themselves and their kids. They decided to design the building themselves, whose location by the forest and lake is unrivaled in its scenic beauty. The architectural style that they chose reflects the traditions of rural Danish architecture. Only the doors and windows reveal that the house is little more than a few years old. The 11x22 meter house is walled and whitewashed, and has a hipped roof clad in red tiles. The roof is not marred by bay windows or skylights, which largely contributes to the sense of serenity and beauty surrounding the property.


    The villa’s interior is the result of its residents’ exceptionally sharp sense for design and color. The color scheme is a monochrome mix of gray and bluish hues, and the consistent use of these colors gives the home a harmonious and personal feel. The most important room in the house is a huge open space which contains the living area, dining room and kitchen. All of the walls in this room are painted in Baghdad gray from the Flügger series of historical colors. The spacious room has an open ceiling with exposed sarking boards stained with iron sulfate. The ceiling is supported by sturdy 30x30 cm pinewood pillars that have also been stained with iron sulfate. The kitchen has been fitted in smoked oak by a local carpenter. The floor is clad with ash boards, and its tones harmonize with the room’s other woodwork pieces in the most beautiful way. Family and guests can relax in a large, gray and comfortable sofa from Meridiani. The round coffee table was designed by Hans J. Wegner and the Heritage Armchair with matching footstool in blue velour was designed by Frits Henningsen. The coffee table is made from oak, but has been subsequently home-smoked by the residents of the house. A large window unit from the B&W boatyard in the Copenhagen district of Christianshavn allows ample light to come in at the opposite end of the living room. At the forefront of this gorgeous tableau sits Ole Wanscher’s Daybed, finished in oak with an accompanying black leather cushion. This piece has also been home-smoked by the owner. The small number of well-chosen, deep pile carpets in the room have been brought back from Morocco by the family themselves.


    "We are crazy about Hans J. Wegner. His graphic shapes and material choices tie in perfectly with our taste and the look that we wanted in our new home. The furniture is a little understated and clearly radiates high quality. In addition, Wegner had a rule that all his furniture had to be child-friendly – no sharp edges that kids might knock into ...

    The Heritage Armchair is a beautiful piece of furniture, which is both nostalgic and contemporary at the same time. Additionally, it’s one of those armchairs whose back and sides are just designed to be sat in for several hours on end.."

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    Photographer: Mikkel Adsbøl